Leven Rose Jojoba Oil Review: Massive Red Flag!

Leven Rose Jojoba Oil Review

Have you ever been fooled into thinking something is better than it really is?

Of course you have. Who hasn’t?

In fact, it’s the reason why I decided to write this Leven Rose jojoba oil review!

Every single day, we get bombarded by ads and TV commercials, making promises that too few of them actually can keep:

  • Buy this miraculous pill and you’ll drop 60 lbs by Sunday.
  • Try our new app and you will save the world.

Okay, before you say anything… Yes, I may have exaggerated a bit. But you get the picture, right?

Well, this happened to me recently, as I was trying to find a top quality jojoba oil for my morning routine. I really thought I had found a truly awesome product. But like with most things in this world, if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is!

In this review I’ll take you through and explain how I came to have my doubts over a product that’s been top rated by over 6,700 customers on Amazon.

Keep in mind that I’m not saying these customers are wrong. I’m just saying that I’ve got another opinion about it.

Ultimately, the choice of product is yours, but I just feel that you should know a bit more about Leven Rose’s jojoba oil before you make a decision.

So here’s the gist of it…

Essential Oil

What Is Leven Rose Jojoba Oil?

This jojoba oil is manufactured by Leven Rose, which was founded by “Russell I.” (yes, that’s the name disclosed on their website) in 2013. The company is based in Colorado Springs, CO and their focus is to bring their customers natural skin and hair products without unnecessary additives.

Summarized from the description on the bottle, the Leven Rose jojoba oil is 100% pure, organic, cold-pressed and unrefined. Due to being cold-pressed, the oil is kept from getting heated up. This prevents it from losing important nutritious essentials and fatty acids that are good for your skin.

Since the jojoba oil is light-sensitive, it can become less potent and efficient if not stored properly. The Leven Rose jojoba oil comes in an amber glass bottle with a glass stopper, which extends the shelf-life of the oil and keeps it from oxidizing.

Leven Rose Jojoba Oil Review: Don’t Be Fooled!

Okay, so let’s take a closer look at the jojoba oil by Leven Rose.

The first thing to notice is that the oil is very light and runny. It absorbs well into your skin, which actually is really neat. Not only that; it doesn’t feel very greasy and the skin gets really smooth even after the first application.

This all is swell, but not very typical for jojoba oil. You see, jojoba oil isn’t really an oil, but a wax. It’s used for beauty and cosmetics because of its ability to simulate our skin’s natural oil (sebum). The oil is supposed to be greasy and “waxy”.

Another thing I noticed was the smell. I know what jojoba oil smells like, so it was quite surprising to take a whiff at this one. The smell resembles olive oil quite a bit. There’s some other smell in there too, but I really can’t put my finger on what it is. Frankly, the smell is definitely off.

Olive Oil

Furthermore, the Leven Rose oil doesn’t solidify at lower temperatures. So if you put the amber glass bottle in your fridge, the oil will still be in liquid form, even weeks after you put it in there.

Leven Rose explains this by pointing at their filtration process. According to their website, they filter out the waxy esters from their oil, so that it turns very light and hard to solidify.

However, jojoba oil consists of about 97% waxy esters. “Filtering out” a significant part of these esters would mean altering the molecular structure of the oil. And altering the molecular structure of jojoba oil means that it’s no longer 100% pure. Slapping “100% pure jojoba oil” on the label is therefore pretty darn misleading and irresponsible. It’s like taking the chocolate out of a chocolate cake, and still calling it “chocolate cake”!

And speaking of labels, the one on the Leven Rose bottle claims that the jojoba oil is organic, which may very well be the case. But the oil is neither USDA nor QAI certified, and since Leven Rose is such a fresh company I’d say it’s even more important to certify their products to build trust among their customers.

They blame the lack of certification on the “lengthy and expensive process” that would be required. However, until I see one of those certification labels on the bottle, I’d advice that you stay far away from this oil.

Caution Sign

Undoubtedly, I see several red flags when looking at this product, and considering the circumstances it’s not very strange. I do not believe that this product is what they claim it to be.

However, if you decide to give it a try, Leven Rose offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee in case you’re not happy with the product. There are thousands of people benefiting from using their jojoba oil, so I don’t believe that the product actually is bad. I just don’t think you get what you’re being promised.

Also, call me old fashioned, but I believe that a company should keep communication with their customers at a professional level. Especially the unsatisfied ones. Leven Rose’s customer support insist on using emotes and words like “bummed” when communicating with their customers. This is a minor issue, sure, but I think it becomes quite significant when you put all the warning signs together.

Leven Rose Response

Finally, the oil does not contain parabens, which can be considered a good thing for some. There is no evidence suggesting that parabens are dangerous when using topically on your skin, but I do believe that it’s never a bad thing to go the “rather safe than sorry” route.


  • Quickly absorbing. The oil quickly absorbs into your skin and isn’t very greasy at all.
  • Smoothen skin. Your skin is smooth as butter after the very first application.
  • Quality amber glass bottle and dropper. Keep your jojoba oil from oxidizing and extend its shelf-life.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product, you’ll get your money back.
  • No parabens. Does not contain parabens, which have been found in patients with breast cancer. No evidence suggests that parabens are dangerous when used topically, but you’d rather be safe than sorry, I presume.


  • Not USDA certified nor QAI certified. Leven Rose is still a fresh company. Certifying their products would be very assuring for their customers.
  • 100% pure? The waxy esters is supposedly filtered out of the oil, which is impossible since the oil is pretty much all waxy esters. This would ultimately alter the molecular structure of the oil. If this really is what they do, the oil is not 100% pure.
  • Doesn’t solidify at low temperatures. Jojoba oil typically solidifies at around 50F (10C) degrees and lower. This is not the case with Leven Rose’s oil.
  • Strange smell. The oil doesn’t have the typical jojoba oil smell. It smells more like olive oil combined with something else. Definitely odd smell.
  • Teenage-like customer support. Communicating with your customers, especially the unsatisfied ones, should be professionally done. No emotes or silly words.

So Which Oil Is A Better Alternative?

If you’re looking for a truly 100% pure and organic jojoba oil, I recommend the one by Cliganic. It’s USDA certified, cruelty-free and definitely solidifies at lower temperatures.

The Cliganic jojoba oil comes in two different sizes (4oz and 16oz), so if you’re unsure whether the oil is right for you, you can test it out by getting the 4oz bottle first.

Besides, the fact that it’s cheaper than the Leven Rose oil makes it even more worth looking into. Why pay more for something questionable, when you can get the guaranteed good stuff for less?

Oh, and like Leven Rose, Cliganic offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product, you’ll get a either replacement or your money back.

No Sign


Shopping for new products to add to your acne treatment routine can sometimes be a hassle. You don’t really know what you’re getting until you actually get a hold of the product yourself.

Sure, you can read reviews online and get a good picture of how good or bad a product is, but in the end you need to experience it yourself.

When I got my Leven Rose jojoba oil I immediately felt that something was off. The consistency was strange and the smell was pretty odd.

The more I looked into it, the more red flags started popping up in my head, signaling “Stay away! Stay away!

Claims of an oil being 100% pure jojoba oil despite a questionable (or rather… unreal) filtration process, no characteristics of jojoba oil, odd smell, no certification, the founder of a company who only goes by the name of “Russell I”… the list goes on.

If it’s something I’ve learned by surfing the web throughout all these years, it’s to be a cynical bastard and skeptical towards the claims I read. It’s gotten me this far, so it oughta work… right?

Anyway, I’m not saying that Leven Rose’s jojoba oil is bad. There are several thousand customers who claim the opposite, and they’ve gotten results from using this product.

But it just didn’t cut it for me. I do not believe that what it says on the label is what I get. And without any certifications, nor transparency into Leven Rose’s filtration process, I won’t really change my mind about it either.

So if you’re looking for a product that has what Leven Rose make promises about, get the Cliganic jojoba oil.

If you’re still interested in the Leven Rose jojoba oil, you can find it here: Jojoba Oil by Leven Rose

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